Rejuvance facial massage is a relatively new alternative treatment to rejuvinate and relax the face, making you look rested and in some cases creating a lifting effect. It is a gentle massage, sometimes called "The Fingertip Massage" that benefits both mind and body.


Rejuvance massage was developed by Iliara Bourantos, head of the European Shiatsu School in Athens, Greece, in 1997. It is a combination of primarily Rejuvanessence technique-or Rosenberg technique, including acupressure, Chinese massage, lymphatic drainage and a variety of others.

How It Works

As years pass what we express or repress shows on our face. The treatment unblocks tension in the face, neck and shoulders and releases 'stuck' connective tissue (made up of collagen, elastin and other cells), while invigorating and strengthening facial muscles. Circulation is enhanced thus helping the transfer of oxygen and water of the entire face.

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Rejuvance not only relaxes the face but is known to also improve symmetry in facial features as well as improve sleep, reduce anxiety, alleviate jaw clenching, Insomnia, headaches and to create an improved sense of well being. After a session the tension will be gone not only from your face but from your whole body.

The treatment consists of six one hour sessions, each focusing on different areas of the face, head, neck and shoulders. It is also possible to have one individual treatment focusing on the entire face at once. The session is done without oil, unless the skin appears to be over dry, however it is finished up with a relaxing circulation promoting all over face massage done with essential oil.

Give it a try and see if it is for you!