Rejuvance is comprised of six sessions, each focusing on specific areas of the face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Rejuvance Face Massage

All six sessions are recommended for best results, however if you choose to do a one-off session then session six is the one I recommend for you. Session six contains overall face work from each session created into one treatment.

Six one-hour Rejuvance sessions are priced at 250 Euros

An Individual one-hour session is priced at 45 euros

In home massages are available.

Gift Coupons are available please contact Kelli using the form below for more information.

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Session 1- treats the top layer of the skin, starting to release any tension; beginning to make the skin more elastic.
Session 2 - concentrates on the scalp, forehead and around the eyes, working deeper on the muscle tissue.
Session 3- concentrates on the area from the eyes to the top of the mouth. (be aware that important cheek muscles are treated from outside as well as inside the mouth)
Session 4 - concentrates on the lower part of the face, the jaw, pallet and decollete.
Session 5- concentrates on the neck, chin, shoulders and decollete.
Session 6 - contains overall work, focusing on the facial area.

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Please Note: Kelli is based in Amsterdam, Holland.